Business Card Services

ExpressCheck Debit BusinessCard 

Trustmark's ExpressCheck Debit BusinessCard is an ATM card with the MasterCard® logo that is linked to a business's checking account. Just like a check, it allows businesses to pay as they go and use their credit card for the purchases they prefer to buy on credit. Businesses may request additional cards with preset spending limits for employees -- each with its own personal identification number. Available for Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships, Professional Limited Liability Companies and Sole Proprietorships.

Benefits Include: 

  • More convenient than writing a check
  • Reduced cost of check supplies
  • Instantaneous receipt for each transaction
  • Monthly bank statement with detailed merchant/ATM information for better record-keeping
  • Individual card numbers printed on statements for simple reconciliation
  • Reduced exposure of carrying cash

Credit Cards

The Trustmark Credit Card Center offers an all-purpose VISA® Business Card to sole owners, partnerships and corporations. This card comes with the personalized service of Trustmark and the worldwide access and convenience of Visa. Also, the Credit Card Center provides merchant service for businesses that accept bank cards. Ask your financial services representative for details or call the Credit Card Center at 1-800-243-2524. 

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